The Value of a Financial Advisor

There are many good and qualified financial experts who have your best interests in mind. There are also many who lack adequate knowledge and whose own interests are the primary focus.

As investors look for guidance in these troubled markets, one question looms above all others: Whom can you trust? During boom times, it is easy to hire a financial advisor and put your financial plan on autopilot. But who can you trust when the market goes south and is in a state of chaos? Who can you trust to have your best interest in mind and not their own? Many investors don’t have the time or expertise to make all of their own investment decisions, so having a financial professional can be crucial. But how can you know if your “expert” is reliable? The short answer to this question is that you cannot. There are no guarantees in the world of finance and investments. However, you can and should do your homework.

We have included below, some of the benefits that a qualified financial advisor can provide.

  • A financial advisor assesses your financial goals, investment time frame and tolerance for risk, and monitors them over time in an effort to help you reach financial goals.

  • A financial advisor may educate you on various investment options and then allocate your assets according to your financial situation.

  • A financial advisor may analyze the risks, potential rewards and the fees of various investments.

  • A financial advisor may help you understand the value of a long-term investment perspective and a diversified asset mix.

  • A financial advisor may help manage your assets during down markets and times of personal financial distress.

  • A financial advisor may help you understand proper asset protection techniques, including the types of insurance coverage one should obtain.

  • Although a financial advisor may provide an important service to investors, all investments involve risk and a financial advisor cannot mitigate all risks associated with investing. Past performance of a financial advisor’s recommendations does not guarantee future results and a financial advisor should educate their clients on all risks and fees associated with a particular investment.

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Guide to Selecting a Financial Advisor


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