Diversify's Robbie Fillmore Talks about Initial Appointments

Utah financial advisor, Robbie Fillmore, was a recent guest host on Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan. During the show, Robbie discussed several important topics related to creating a financial plan, including what you should expect during an initial meeting with a financial advisor.

You can listen to Robbie describe initial meetings by clicking the link below.

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Does Your Retirement Plan Include These 4 Key Considerations?

News headlines, polls, and surveys seem to indicate that retirement planning is a critical issue facing many Americans. At Diversify, our team of advisors meet with lots of individuals and families that share these same concerns.

Although every circumstance is different, we believe that the retirement situation in our country is mostly the result of failing to properly plan. Because planning for retirement can feel overwhelming, and in an effort to help get you started, Dan Luke and Ryan Smith recently discussed four key considerations for retirement planning on Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan (listen below).

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What Happens If You Die Without a Will or Trust?

Part of creating a financial plan entails protecting your assets from unexpected life events, such as your own untimely death. Through the use of wills and trusts, we can have the assurance of knowing that our intentions will survive our own lifespan.

One way to think about this important issue is to ask: What happens to the assets, such as a home or retirement accounts, of an individual who dies without a will or trust? Click below to hear Utah estate planning attorney Josh Mauss answer this important question during a recent airing of Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan – the answer may surprise you!

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Life Insurance: It Starts with 3 Simple Questions

A key component of Diversify’s message regarding financial planning is being mindful of the gaps, which are those events or circumstances that could either compromise or destroy all your planning efforts. Sadly, the unexpected death of a spouse can sometimes present a significant financial gap for surviving family.    

On a recent edition of Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan, Diversify’s founders Dan Luke and Ryan Smith discussed this gap by asking listeners to consider the relationship between life insurance and financial planning by answering three important questions. 

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Life Events that should Prompt a Call to Your Advisor?

As part of Diversify’s commitment to education, we’ve created the following list of the top ten life events that should prompt a client to contact their financial advisor. The list isn’t comprehensive, and the events aren’t ordered in significance, but we hope the list serves as a reminder that you should never hesitate calling your advisor for a meeting and, more specifically, we believe that there are certain life events that you should trigger a call to your advisor.   

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Mutual Funds: Debating Active vs. Passive Management

In conclusion of Diversify Radio's 3-part series on mutual funds, Dan Luke and Ryan Smith were asked to debate a popular argument that exists between those who are in favor of actively managed mutual funds versus those in favor of passively managed mutual funds.

During the show, Ryan was asked by the show’s host, Nick Hansen, to briefly take the position supporting a passive strategy, and Dan was asked to offer a counter argument that would support a position favoring actively managed mutual funds. 

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Mutual Funds: Advantages and Disadvantages

As part of their 3-part series on mutual funds airing on Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan, Dan Luke and Ryan Smith took a moment to provide some information on a few of the advantages and disadvantages associated with investing in mutual funds. 

You can listen to Dan and Ryan offer several basic insights into what every investors should know about the potential risks and benefits of mutual funds below. 

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Mutual Funds 101 - What Is a Mutual Fund?

You’re probably familiar with the term mutual fund. In fact, you may actually have investments in mutual funds. But do you know what a mutual fund is?

In this post, you can listen to Dan Luke and Ryan Smith describe what a mutual fund is and how it works. During this brief clip taken from Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan, Dan and Ryan each take a moment to offer a general and introductory definition of mutual funds. 

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I Feel Stuck in a Bad Investment - Now What?

A bad investment can range from full-fledged Ponzi schemes down to investment products that don’t properly align with an investor’s objectives and goals. Although it is the investment fraud and schemes that attract news headlines, an investor that is directed into a product that isn’t suitable to their risk tolerance, long-term plan, financial profile, or level of understanding, can be equally disastrous. 

Listen below as Dan Luke shares a story on Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan about how an investor was sold an indexed annuity and a whole life insurance policy that didn’t align with their investment goals and objectives.

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I Just Received a Large Sum of Money - Now What?

Listen as Diversify’s Dan Luke and Ryan Smith address a critical money movement scenario for people who have come into a large sum of money because of an inheritance, they’ve sold some real estate, received an insurance payout, or have sold their business. 

Their advice on what to do with that money may surprise you! 

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Preparing for retirement

I'm Getting Ready to Enter Retirement - Now What?

Dan Luke and Ryan Smith are continuing their popular “Now What?” series by addressing many day-to-day investment and financial scenarios on their weekly radio show, Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan

In this post, we present a short clip of Dan and Ryan’s response to the now what? question faced by those getting ready to enter into retirement. This critical issue is something far too many Americans are facing without being adequately prepared.  

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I'm Changing Jobs and I have a 401(k) with My Previous Employer - Now What?

Over the next many weeks, Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan will be addressing critical “money movement scenarios” in which an individual must make an important decision that has consequences upon their financial or investment situation. 

Dan and Ryan recently addressed the growing trend in which an individual has changed jobs and isn’t sure what to do with their previous employer’s 401(k) account - listen below. 

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2015 Market Outlook

Questions about 2015 Market Outlook

In anticipation of Diversify’s upcoming educational event, The 2015 Market Outlook, Dan Luke and Ryan Smith took time on Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan to discuss several questions that will be addressed during the event – you can listen to Dan and Ryan below.  

Featuring a highly informative presentation from one of the world’s largest investment management companies, the complementary event is being held Thursday, March 26th from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at the Little America Hotel. You can click here for more information about this exciting opportunity to hear what research from a leader in the investment industry projects for 2015. 

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What constitutes bad financial or investment advice?

Following President Obama’s announcement of new measures to help protect investors from bad investment advice, Dan Luke and Ryan Smith addressed the topic of bad advice on Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan

So what constitutes bad advice? Listen below as Diversify’s president, Ryan Smith, explains several hallmarks of bad investment or financial advice. 

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Investment Red Flags, Scams, and Fraud

What are the Red Flags of Investment Fraud and Scams?

Diversify’s founders, Dan Luke and Ryan Smith, recently discussed the “red flags” or signs that someone may be taking advantage of you financially regarding an investment opportunity. On a recent airing of Diversify Radio with Dan & Ryan, the two discussed several red flags that should signal investors to be extremely cautious.   

In fact, when it comes to investment opportunities, Dan Luke said “There is going to be some that are outright scams.” But Dan also says, “There are also some [investment opportunities] that we look at that are just probably unsuitable types of investments that we don’t agree with.”

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