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“Our mission is to improve the lives of clients by delivering honest investment and wealth management services that create value through personal relationships, a truly independent approach, and a properly diversified portfolio.”

Diversify’s Mission Statement


Diversify’s philosophy is strategically aligned with our mission: to improve the lives of clients by delivering honest investment and wealth management services that create value through personal relationships, a truly independent approach, and a properly diversified portfolio. 

Our goal to improve the lives of clients means we focus on creating financial plans that seek to protect assets, potentially increase portfolio value, and anticipate future income needs. In addition, we strongly encourage clients to control debt, maintain sufficient reserves and stand prepared for various, and unavoidable, market cycles. Although we believe our philosophy is unique, it’s how we execute it that makes us different from our competitors. 



We are fully committed to establishing long-term personal relationships with clients. We seek to accomplish this in several important ways. Our financial advisors work alongside clients to construct financial plans that are based on the client’s financial goals and stated objectives.

We meet regularly with clients to review their investments, discuss their financial plan, answer questions, and measure progress. We provide a multitude of educational resources intended to empower clients, inform their decisions, and elevate their understanding of investments, personal finance, and wealth management. Finally, we make every effort to thoroughly explain the various degrees of benefit and risk involved in every type of investment.  


We recognize the magnitude of responsibility and confidence afforded to us in managing the hard-earned assets of our clients. In order to offer our clients access to financial advice that is honest, unbiased and responsive to their particular needs, we operate our firm fully independent of any obligations, limitations or constraints faced by others within our industry.

At Diversify, none of our financial advisors have an obligation to sell a specific type or range of investment products. This means that we are completely free to work with clients to identify those investments that fit their individual financial plan and objectives. This type of independence allows us to make our client’s financial plan and objectives our sole obligation.


We believe that investments must be tactically diversified. This means that we see value in assisting clients in creating investment portfolios that are balanced with more than any single type of product. To accomplish this, we utilize a broad base of investment offerings, selecting only those that we analyze through proprietary due diligence model.  

Diversify’s investment philosophy is fully encapsulated in our name. We believe in an investment strategy that seeks to mitigate the risks inherent in every type of investment through diversification. Although you can never fully eliminate the risk associated with making an investment, Diversify’s philosophy and our team of financial advisors seek to navigate these risks by employing an informed strategy of portfolio diversification. 







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